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Skylark’s Hidden Café

Skylark Hidden Café in historic Fairhaven has been serving our bread for more than 10 years making it one of our original accounts.

Opened since 1995 Skylark’s is a perfect spot in Fairhaven with its Historically stylish interior, featuring the warmth of handcrafted woodwork and the deep hues and golden accents of the Victorian era. Slightly elegant, yet charming with a variety of dining spaces suited to your changing moods. One part neighborhood café, one part elegant bistro, and one part family dining room.

In 2006 Skylarks expanded, and added a full-service bar, tripling their seating capacity and adding live jazz on the weekends. Since then they have continued to grow and develop their style and quality.

With a belief in unpretentious food, pure flavors and quality ingredients served in an atmosphere that is stylish, approachable and comfortable, a meal at Skylark’s should be an oasis from the pressures of life.

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