Our Employees

Kate Hinkle, Avenue Bread Driver

As this sites writer, I have to say the best part of doing this is finding the talented people in our employee tribe from time to time. Pictured here is one of our awesome delivery drivers, Kate Hinkle. Kate showed me some of her artwork and I was floored. Think of the best Japanimation or Anime you have seen, Kate’s work is as strong and impressive. So it makes sense she lived in the country of Japan for a while. Let us hope to see a graphic novel or something of that nature from this talented young lady. Kate is also a black belt in tae kwon do.

Oh, and Kate is great at her job and is responsible for making sure our bread and baked goods are well displayed on the grocery shelves and cafés all around these parts.

Hopefully (hint hint) Kate will send me along some of her work and I will post it here.