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Happy Valley Sprouts

We grow NON-GMO seeds whenever available. We test every crop before it leaves our facility to ensure that our perfect track record of 25 years of no food born illness continues to grow annually.

It is our daily mission to continue to grow only the highest quality sprouts. We are religious about our sanitation and testing policies as we care about each and every person that consumes our sprouts and thank you for your continued patronage. Each customer can be assured that the sprouts they are consuming are free of Salmonella and Ecoli- 0157, as well as harvested no more then ten days prior to consumption. Our average shelf life tested weekly is easily more than 3 weeks. We also promise not to use any pesticides or sprays to make our product grow faster or last longer.

We grow the famous Red Crimson Clover seed that is grown in the USA. We choose this seed due to its sweet bold flavor, nutritional value, and shelf life. We have had “test trays” last up to 100 days if properly refrigerated.

We also offer a green snap pea and lentil mix which is a great way to add a sweet apple like crunch to any salad or deserving dish. (The green Magma from Casa Que Pasa)

We are a small sprouts operation, dedicated to providing only the safest, healthiest sprouts in Whatcom, Skagit, and Island Counties.

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