Salads and Soups

Mediterranean Tuna

Albacore Tuna salad, tomato, cucumber, spinach, feta, with red pepper & kalamata vinaigrette


Gorgonzola, pecans, bacon, avocado, mixed greens, with arugula & balsamic dressing

All Kale Caesar

Free-range chicken, organic kale, parmesan, pumpkin seeds and our wicked Caesar dressing (James St only) | Classic Caesar salad daily in Lynden


salami, capicola, turkey, provolone, garbonzo/basil/red-onion mix, organic mixed greens with white wine/thyme vinaigrette (James St only)

Bånh Mi Salad

seasoned pulled pork, organic mixed greens, cucumber/daikon/carrot/cilantro/ginger slaw with sambal sauce (James St and Downtown only)

Sedona Chicken

Sedona Chicken

free-range chicken, black beans/red pepper/cilantro mix, feta, pumpkin seeds, organic mixed greens with avocado/cilantro vinaigrette (James St & Lynden only)

Ranch House

free-range chicken, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, sprouts and mixed greens with ranch (Fairhaven and Downtown only)

Curry Chicken

free-range chicken/curry/celery/raisin/almond salad, mixed greens, tomatoes and onions with ranch (Fairhaven only)


Creamy Tomato Dill

Soups of the Day

Changed daily



a little Creole in the NW, Louisiana style rue-based stew, with a bed of rice

3B Chili

made with Black beans, Beef & Beer

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