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A New Face in Avenue’s Kitchen

Each new person that works with us at Avenue Bread has their own unique personality, perspective, and for those in the kitchen and prep, new approach to food. Recently we have had the opportunity to see one of our employees

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Hot Cross Buns – Avenue Bread Style

Traditionally speaking… In Christianity, Hot Cross Buns mark the end of Lent and the different parts of the bun have a certain meaning. For instance, the cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus and the spices are meant to represent the

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Irish Soda Bread

A Brief History Soda bread, as we know it now, has generally been around since 1830, but did you know that the practice of chemical leavening has been around earlier? That’s right! Native Americans had been leavening their breads with

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Tofu! Tofu! Tofu!

Tofu has been long consumed within China for over 2,000 years and is a traditional staple in cuisines across other Asian countries. What tofu has to offer is a low calorie, high protein option that is also high in iron.

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Avenue Bread's thanksgiving holiday stuffing

Stuffing, but with a 2020 Twist

With the holiday season just around the corner, many folks are uncertain about how this pandemic will affect gatherings. Some will come together in small groups, others will be spending it with their household only. So how does one cultivate

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Recycle and Reuse Avenue Bread sustainability -Slow the flow

Slow The Flow

Solutions to environmental problems are hard to define, and even harder to implement. For us at Avenue Bread, with our four cafes plus a bakery we knew from the start that implementing change and tracking our progress was going to

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Bellingham Coffee Roasters owners roasting beans

Sustainable Coffee

At Avenue Bread, we have always been proud to serve the coffee we do. Not only does the Avenue Bread blend from Bellingham Bay coffee roasters taste amazing, but it also consists of coffee beans which are sourced responsibly. Globalized

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We are quite honored to have our bread served with many great plates at this amazing awarded high-end coffee producer and restaurant on Holly St. Pictured is our Wheat and Seed bread under Roasted Squash Toast. It’s as good as

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Ralph's Greenhouse organic farm

Sustainable Growth

In the later half of 2019, we came to a realization that the world of sustainability can be complicated and often unclear. Avenue Bread wants to make sure that we are constantly pushing ourselves to be environmental and social leaders

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Flying Bird Botanical Tea Bellingham

Flying Bird Teas

Flying Bird Botanicals is a Bellingham based tea, match, and honey manufacturer that delivers quality and ethically sourced products. Come try them at any of our cafés. All of our hot tea at Avenue Bread cafes comes from Flying Bird

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Avenue Bread delivery driver Torre


This is Torre. Torre is our cafés delivery driver. This extremely important daily role keeps our cafes stocked and ready to serve from our bakery and the kitchen at James St. Torre brings a great positive and easy going attitude

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New Years Resolutions

We at Avenue Bread have been thinking about what growth will look like in 2020. With a focus on environmental and social responsibility, here are Avenue’s four 2020 New Year’s resolutions! Creating a meaningful relationship with suppliers This means knowing

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Avenue Bread latte art

Ethical Milk

Whether it be from cows or nuts, we take our milk seriously. Other than traditional dairy, we carry hemp, oat, soy, almond, and coconut milk. Whether for environmental, dietary, or ethical choices, we want to support people’s decisions to go

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Kombucha Town from Bellingham Washington

Kombucha Town

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible beer, ale, cider and, now, kombucha breweries. Kombucha Town is certainly the best that this writer has tried. All 4 of our Avenue Bread cafés have Kombucha town chilled and ready for sippin’.  From Their

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Carrots being cleaned at Ralph's Greenhouse organic farm


At Avenue Bread we strive to do good through businesses; good for our community, good for our employees, and good for our planet. What that means for us is minimizing our environmental impact, inspiring community pride, and providing Whatcom County’s

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