Our Vendors

This is Ron MacPherson otherwise know as “Spike”. And Spike is the best tootin’ delivery guy in these parts! Spike works for Dairy Distributing, Inc in Lynden that distributes Edaleen dairy products throughout Whatcom country. In his off time, Spike has an organized paintball battlefield on his own property in Blaine, Wa. More information on that will be added here at a later time. Going back to the mid-60s Dairy Distributing is a very well established company in this region and we are lucky to have them as a vendor supplying us with a bounty of eggs and milk ...

Our Employees

Matt Stine This is Assistant Manager at the Bakery Matt Stine. Matt has been with Avenue Bread as a baker for over a decade. Recently Matt moved up the latter to bakery assistant manager. This was an obvious choice because as a thoughtful, professional and mild-manned fella, Matt is a great fit for the roll. Matt is an avid writer of fiction and poetry that enjoys fishing, hiking, and baseball. Unlike the writer of this here post, Matt is an ALL weather fan of the Mariners.  

Our Customers

Keenan's at The Pier The best food combined with the best view in Bellingham uses Avenue Bread for their dinner bread and sandwich bread. We are honored to be an ingredient in Chef Doug Elliot’s (second from the left)  authentic flavorful dishes that he creates daily with his talented team. Keenan's on the Pier in the Chrysalis is a must visit for locals and visitors alike.