Corporate lunches, business meetings, showers, parties or just because….

For questions about Catering or to work out logistics,
contact our Catering Coordinator during office hours.

Laws of Avenue Bread Catering:

Catering Inquiry

Breakfast Catering

EGGENUES (breakfast sandwiches)

One egg on Rosemary, Plain, or 8 Grain English muffin (gluten-less muffins available)

Click on eggenue images or text to add gluten-less

Lunch Catering


Bag Lunches:

Our brown bag lunch options come with Tim’s Cascade chips for sandwiches/wraps, artisan bread for salads, and a cookie for $2 more than an individual sandwich/salad price. (Gluten-Less bread available for $1)

Add a Canned Beverage or Bottled Water for $1.50 each ~ Add a Juice or Gourmet Soda for $2.50 each ~ Add an individual side green salad for $3 per lunch


Whole sandwiches cut it in half, giving you the option to provide multiple options for guests to choose from.
Sandwiches range $9 – $13 each. (Gluten-Less bread available for $1)

Mini Sandwiches

One dozen minimum. Sold by the dozen. Curried chicken salad and egg salad is only available at our James St location

Our Catering Delivery Van


Not available in Lynden

Salad Box Lunches

Bulk Salad Bowls - Minimum of 10 servings


Dinner Catering

Dinner Entrées and Sides

Dinner Trays

Dinner Sides

Beverages and Dessert

1313 Railroad Ave

Bellingham, WA 

1135 11th St

Bellingham, WA 

2301 James Street

Bellingham, WA

444 Front Street

Lynden, WA

2020 Humboldt St

Bellingham, WA 98225

Avenue Bread & Avenue Bakery LLC, 2020 

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