Ethical Milk

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Whether it be from cows or nuts, we take our milk seriously.

Other than traditional dairy, we carry hemp, oat, soy, almond, and coconut milk. Whether for environmental, dietary, or ethical choices, we want to support people’s decisions to go with unconventional alternatives. We proudly support local dairy and low carbon, animal free plant based milks.

As part of our effort to continuously provide ethically sourced goods, we also offer a variety of ethically sourced traditional dairy products alongside alternative plant-based dairy products. We get a lot of our milk from different local dairy farms like Edaleen Dairy and Twin Brooks Creamery, both of which we source through Bellingham’s local dairy distribution company, Dairy Distributing Inc,. By sourcing our dairy products locally we know how the cows are being raised, and we minimize the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Sourcing our milk locally also puts more money back into the community that we love.

Every few months we have a new espresso special on which we remove the additional charge for alternative milk. As long as alternative milks remain on the fringes of consumption they will come at an extra cost, but by providing the option to you we hope we can help you discover a new delicious dairy alternative for your daily coffee routine.

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