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Avenue Bread proudly offers our premium bread for resale at the grocery level every day. We can work with your department manager and sales teams to pick products that will move well in your format, and our local daily delivery program ensures your customers are always receiving the fresh product. Avenue Bread offers attractive packaging and a strong brand, encouraging customer loyalty. Well established grocery stores carry our great bread like both Bellingham Fred Meyers, Haggen, The Co-Ops, The Safeway on Sunset and Whole Foods.

No loaf left behind. Unsold bread is donated to the local Food Banks.

We offer a variety of bread shapes and doughs. The products listed here are recommended for the Grocery market.

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We bake and can deliver most of our products fresh daily within many areas of Whatcom County. For more remote locations, we can work with you to arrange product delivery days and how to integrate freezer/proofing systems. (Accounts must be established and in good standing, and meet minimum-order quantities to qualify for delivery)

Is your store outside of our delivery area? Do you come to town one or two days a week to pick up products from other vendors? Stop by our bakery and we’ll have your bread order ready. Our bakery is conveniently located in central Bellingham and close to the freeway.

UPC / Product Codes:
We have UPC and can work with you to coordinate your Point-of-Sale system to reference our new industry-standard product codes, which will work with all barcode scanners. (you can always use manual price entry as well)

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