Our Bread

Lead bakers Sean & Craig’s extensive baking experience can be tasted in every bite of our flavorsome baked goods and sandwiches. Avenue Bread specializes in artisan breads which are hand-formed. This ensures our bread will have a quality interior crumb. Baking our bread on a stone hearth oven gives it a crust with integrity.

The varieties listed below are available for purchase in all four Avenue Bread cafes, and also at select local grocery stores

Artisan Classics

French Bread


The flavor of fresh rosemary and with a superb crust


With an almost 20 year old starter this bread brings the complexity and that superb sourdough tang.

Avenue French

A great all-around bread with a consistent crumb and chewy texture

Rustic Wheat

A nice light wheat bread with a kiss of whole wheat

Italian Peasant

A classic artisan bread, with a touch of malt for a tangy crumb

French Baguette

Just like you would find in France, this 24 inch bread is truly traditional


Renowned for its wholesome goodness, this heart-healthy bread is fabulous because of its whole-grain, organic and locally-milled ingredients. Multigrain is only sold at Avenue Bread cafés.

The Ploughman

New Avenue Craft line

Made with simply milled flours from regional and Skagit Valley mills like Cairnspring Mills and Fairhaven Flour Mill. Both of these mills are in Burlington. We are very proud to be using such a quality local product. These bread are also made with local malts.

The 3 Mills

a whole wheat sourdough French country bread made with hard red spring wheat and Copeland barley.

The Ploughman

a traditional old-world peasant bread that is perfect for a Ploughman’s Lunch made with hard red spring wheat and Copeland barley.

Sliced Deli Breads

French Deli

Our Sliced Bread is baked fresh daily and is available at all our cafe locations and at select local grocers. These are bagged in our recyclable plastic bags for better shelf life.



Our signature loaf of bread, known not just for the delicious organic rosemary (from Washington to boot!) inside, but also for the deliciously salty crust.


Tangy in the tradition of a good sourdough, this bread is a perfect combination of sensations-chewy on the outside, soft and sour inside. With an almost 20-year-old starter this bread brings the complexity. This beautifully aged starter is used in some of our other bread.

Rustic Wheat

A hearty bread made with a touch of organic whole wheat. A great balance between light and dark bread.

New York Deli Rye

Made with Fairhaven Mill’s organic rye flour, ideal for sandwiches and great toasted. This one of a kind loaf is only available as a Deli loaf

Oats in Wheat

A soft and delicious bread enhanced with whole wheat and oats, sweetened with a touch of honey. This one of a kind bread is only available as a Deli loaf

French Deli

A soft traditional white bread, this popular dough is in a convenient and longer lasting sliced form.

Seasonal Holiday Breads

Panettone & Stollen

Christmas: Panettone, Julekaka, Stollen (pictured)                        

St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Soda Bread

Fall: Pumpkin Everything

Seasonal Quickbreads: Like pumpkin & ginger