Sustainable Coffee

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At Avenue Bread, we have always been proud to serve the coffee we do. Not only does the Avenue Bread blend from Bellingham Bay coffee roasters taste amazing, but it also consists of coffee beans which are sourced responsibly. Globalized coffee production has contributed to unethical labor practices and significant environmental harm around the world. Sourcing sustainable coffee is a small but important effort towards creating a more equitable world.

Over half of the coffee in Avenue Bread’s blend from Bellingham Bay Coffee Roasters is fully traceable and ethically sourced. Transparency is most important when ensuring a moralistic supply chain. When it comes to coffee, ignorance is what often leads to exploitative labor conditions and pay, as well as environmental destruction. This is why it is essential for retail coffee companies to know exactly where their coffee is coming from. Here is where your coffee originates when you enjoy at an Avenue Bread cafe or at home!

One of the farms which 1/3rd of our coffee comes from is Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepcion Huista (better known as “CODECH”). CODECH produces coffee from the highest Mountain Range in Central America! They are fair-trade and organic certified which ensures that ethical labor practices, and environmental integrity are being upheld. Another 1/3rd of our coffee comes from two lots, depending on the season and availability. The first is MOCABE (Movimiento Campesino de Belisario) producers, who are located in Chiapas, Mexico. Their main goals in business was to create new opportunities for small coffee farmers in their community. The second is Organización de Cafetaleros la Concordia or CAFECO, also located in Chiapas Mexico. This cooperative formed in hopes to improve the economic stability in the region by producing higher quality coffee. CAFECO is organic certified.


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