Baked Goods

Our pastry, savory, and dessert creations have been a favorite throughout this area for many years. Like our bread, we use real ingredients in our baked goods, and our experienced bakers hand-make and precisely bake these treats. We hope you will swing by your nearest café and reward yourself to our amazing baked goods. Below is a sampling of what you might find.


There are many treats, made daily, to choose from in our Café display cases such as our well know scones and croissants, sweet rolls, Danishes, and savories.

Bellewood Acres Apples

Apple Danish with Bellewood Acres apples

Blueberry Scone

Our famous Blueberry Scone

Our well-loved Scones

Our scone dough is rich in butter and heavy cream.  The butter is cut into the flour and sugar before the liquid is added.  Scones are mixed very little and the butter is left a bit chunky, imparting a light and tender quality to the end result.  Our scones are leavened with baking powder; the process of making our scones is much like making biscuits. Blueberry, raspberry and quest spot scones are in our displays. And anything berry at Avenue Bakery uses Barbies Berries.


Salted Truffle Cookie (pictured) Great chocolate cookie

Almond Joy-Filled with coconuts, almonds and chocolate chips and topped with walnuts

Walnut Cookie – Our classic rectangle chewy brown sugar cookie filled with almonds and walnuts


Lemon Bar– This well-liked bar has returned with house-made lemon curd.

Apple Caramel Struttle Bar– Made with apples from Bellewood Acres.

Yeti Bar– A variation on our Sasquatch Bar, with seeds instead of dried fruit.  The Yeti bar is full of Rice Krispies, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts, flax seeds, sesame seeds, peanut butter chips all held together by brown rice syrup and vanilla.

Holiday Treats


Christmas: Christmas Cookies

Valentine’s Day: Heart Cookies                         

St. Patrick’s Day: Shamrock Cookies

Easter: Hot Cross Buns


Flavorful Savories make easy to grab afternoon snacks

Herb and Cheese

Pesto Goat Cheese

Ham and Cheese  (pictured)