Faces of Avenue Bread

This is a section on our website where we celebrate the great people it takes to build a community such as this. We have been updating the Faces of Avenue Bread quarterly for the last couple of years. Pictured is Ryan Johnson our amazing maintenance fix-it guy who is featured in the current Faces of Avenue Bread.

It takes a community to grow a good business. At Avenue Bread we feel very fortunate to be part of the thriving community of Bellingham. To celebrate this we present the Faces of Avenue Bread in three sections, Our Employees, Our Vendors and Our Customers. Customers can be some of the great people we serve at our 4 cafés or they can be restaurants and grocers that buy our bread wholesale. Faces of Avenue Bread will be updated every few months. So if you believe that an Avenue Bread Vendor or Employee or Customer should be in the next Faces of Avenue Bread please let us know.

The Faces of Avenue Bread