Flying Bird Teas

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Flying Bird Botanicals is a Bellingham based tea, match, and honey manufacturer that delivers quality and ethically sourced products. Come try them at any of our cafés.

All of our hot tea at Avenue Bread cafes comes from Flying Bird Botanicals. Flying Bird produces organic tea right here is town. Their teas are ethically crafted from farmers across the US and from Fair Trade certified farms overseas. Flying Bird prioritizes developing a meaningful relationship with suppliers for wholesome and personal operations. They are a great company which we are proud to do business with.

Our relationship with Flying Bird has blossomed and strengthened year after year because they share our commitment to quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Just like us, Flying Bird looks to the local community first for ingredients and values transparency and responsibility throughout their supply chain. By working with companies like Flying Bird we know we can proudly back every product we sell.

Check their website here

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